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Semitone is pleased to announce that as of January 2017 Semitone Studios will have a new location in the heart of Marple.

Following a period of great uncertainty as to the future of Compstall Mills Estate, Semitone has taken the decision to move the business. The new studios will be located at 130 Stockport Road, Marple, SK6 6DQ.

The new space will be a workspace for musicians and artists, including Taylor Giacoma, musician and founder of Semitone, and a coffee shop which will feature live music.

The move was made possible thanks to an investment from Quaker philanthropist and co-director of Semitone, Peter Eccles. Semitone is committed to providing a home for the work and education of creative people, all of whom are evolving one tiny step at a time, and we hope to become an important part of the Marple community.

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