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Semitone Studios is a music studio/music venue located in the heart of Marple. We offer music lessons, recording sessions, and live music. We firmly believe that music should be accessible to everyone, and whilst we pride ourselves on the excellent musicianship of our team, we fully embrace all those who create in our community.

piano strings up close


Musicians use the word 'semitone' to refer to the distance between two adjacent notes, generally the smallest distance found in Western music. We believe that anything is possible, one tiny step at a time.


Everyone has a semitone...what’s yours?





April News

We have some great music planned for our Friday Live Music nights. We have Glyn Shipman performing and some 
extended open mic evenings! Come and perform for us, we would love to hear your fabulous musical talent.


Taylor is performing at the Brewery Tap in Lymm and at the Standish Social Club for their charity concert evening, raising money for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Charity.


Catch Semitone Tutor Mike Lawetto at the Worker Bee Market as the amazing DJ and host for the live sound.

yellow and black stripes with the text 'worker bee markets'


The Semitone Singers will begin their summer term of singing and making wonderful music together.


Music Appreciation sessions are back for a new term – have a look at the fantastic pieces they will be listening to.


The Uke Academy sessions are continuing every Saturday – make sure to check out our Uke Academy Junior, Uke Academy or Uke Songbook sessions!