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Semitone Studios is a music studio/music venue located in the heart of Marple. We offer music lessons, recording sessions, and live music. We firmly believe that music should be accessible to everyone, and whilst we pride ourselves on the excellent musicianship of our team, we fully embrace all those who create in our community.

piano strings up close


Musicians use the word 'semitone' to refer to the distance between two adjacent notes, generally the smallest distance found in Western music. We believe that anything is possible, one tiny step at a time.


Everyone has a semitone...what’s yours?





February News

teacher and students learning the ukulele

We have some amazing featured artists for our Friday Live Music nights: Vincent O'Brien and Mr Novembre. Our open mics are still happening every Friday night after the featured artist’s performance – come along and try something new.

Taylor is also gigging in Wigan and Stourbridge.

The Uke Academy with Patrick have begun sessions and are off to a flying start – welcome to all our new Ukulele students! (And hurray for our new wall of ukuleles!)

Music Appreciation classes are listening to some Richard Wagner, Aaron Copland, Mozart and the first performance of a symphony written by a British woman, composed by Alice Mary Smith.