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Learning at Semitone is all about the student. Tutors are committed to tailoring music lessons to each student's needs. We believe that learning is a journey, and each student's journey is different. Whether you want to work towards performance, an exam, or just playing for leisure, we can help. We currently offer lessons in:
  • Voice
  • Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,
    Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele
  • Piano, Keyboard
  • Violin, Viola
  • Clarinet, Flute, Recorder,
  • Cornet, Euphonium, Tenor Horn,
    Trumpet, Tuba
  • Mixing/Mastering, Music Production,
    Music Theory, Songwriting


For more information on lessons or to book in with one of our tutors, please email


studio with digital piano


Built with music in mind, our studios are comfortable and inviting and you will feel right at home. We think that music lessons should be something to look forward to, and at Semitone, you will.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we have such a diverse range of student enquiries. We teach professionals who are fine-tuning their set. We teach children who are just starting out. We teach older people who learned music as as child and then laid it down when life got in the way, but want to get it back. We teach musicians who have commercial releases. We teach parents and grandparents who want nothing more than to be able to sing to their little ones. Everyone is on a journey, and we can take you to the next step.
seating area in front of studio
If you are accompanying a young person to a lesson at Semitone, you can sit in our lovely waiting area and catch up on reading, work, or just relax. We have excellent coffee made in a beans-to-cup coffee machine. Brew up while they tune up!
Additionally, our Friday nights offer the perfect opportunity for learning musicians to enjoy performing for a friendly, accepting audience. From the first note you play to your first time on stage, Semitone is there for you, one tiny step at a time.