What is Semitone?

Semitone Studios is a combination music studio, music venue, and cafe (a self-serve, low-frills cafe - come in and sit as long as you like and have some decent coffee kind of cafe).

The studio is a unique, purpose-built facility that is both a studio and a venue, made possible with an movable acoustic partition constructed by Dorma and installed by Style.

Founded by Taylor Giacoma in 2013, Semitone is dedicated to helping musicians and other creative folk find their way one tiny step at a time. It is quickly becoming known as a go-to venue for original music as well as a hub for people in the community to come together to share in the joy of performance.

Semitone is the word musicians use to refer to a particular distance between two notes, the smallest distance generally used in Western music. Anything is possible, one tiny step at a time. Everyone has a semitone…what’s yours?