Live music with Rowland Jones

On Friday 6 March at 8 pm the featured artist at the Semitone Studios live music event is Rowland Jones who was last here in July. Following his set we will as usual have an open mic.

From Rowland's website:

So where does your music come from?
Well I started in the blues, then I played country rock, funk, jazz then back to the Blues.

Hence the 'contaminated blues' ?
Yes - I used to describe my music as 'contaminated blues' as it contained elements of....well, every type of music I'd played! But writing more on acoustic and working with Chris (Hillman) has brought a different feel and then a couple weeks in Nashville probably had an effect, too! What I'm doing now is what two friends of mine described as 'soulful Americana' - the root is still the Blues but with a lot of other influences.

So who do you see as major influences?
I can’t honestly say there is one person who has been a major influence on me. A few people have said that my music reminds them of writers as incredibly diverse as Mose Allison, John Martyn, Jim Croce and Bill Withers!— how flattering is that? I spent a lot of time playing the Great American Songbook working with a big band and various jazz outfits. I love jazz standards like ‘Autumn leaves’, ‘You don’t know what love is’, and ‘There will be never be another you’ …. I think playing all those classics has helped in my writing.

Rowland's website where there are tracks from recent recordings.

Rowland at Semitone on YouTube

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