Music appreciation sessions

The Friday morning music appreciation sessions started again on 17 January 2020. They last from 10.30 to 12.00 with Peter Eccles acting as tutor. The programme for the next few weeks introduces a varied selection of works from the last 300 years.

Friday 17 January: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No 41, The Jupiter, Mozart’s final and greatest symphony

Friday 24 January: Felix Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto in E minor, probably the best known of all violin concertos

Friday 31 January: Béla Bartók, Music for strings, percussion and celesta, possibly Bartók’s masterpiece

Friday 7 February: Joseph Haydn, Symphony No 103, The Drum Roll, which has a remarkable beginning

Friday 14 February: no session

Friday 21 February: Antonín Dvořák, Symphony No 9, From the New World, Dvořák’s most popular piece

Friday 28 February: Benjamin Britten, Sinfonia da Requiem, a wartime piece written in America

Friday 6 March: Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No 4, Beethoven’s least well-known symphony

Friday 13 March: Franz Schubert, Piano Trio No 2 in E flat, a masterpiece from the end of Schubert’s short life

Friday 20 March: Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No 9, not at all what the Soviet authorities wanted and expected

If you want to develop a better appreciation of classical music then you have to listen to it. Peter introduces each piece by saying something about the composer's place in the development of music, how the piece came to be written and discussing what to listen out for before we listen to it. We will share reactions to each piece.

Cost: £5 for each session. Each session is independent so why not pop in and try one out?

Contact: or 07715 643110 for more information.