First Floor Space at Semitone Studios

We are looking to let some space (22 square metres) we have on the first floor, above the music studios. It is key that it's a business or project that will benefit the community, and ideally something creative.

Until recently we had an artisan gallery; the space would be ideal for an artist, both for working in and for showing artwork. It is really important that whoever takes the space either has a viable business already or has a solid plan for bringing people to the space. The music business is flourishing, but people are still (still!) finding out slowly that there is a coffee/sitting spot downstairs, and so there is not yet lots and lots of footfall.

We cannot underscore enough how important it is for us that whoever uses the space does something that benefits the community! Though we're a business, we run Semitone as a community project and it's really important to us that everything fits into our ethos, which is about being creative, one step at a time. Creative doesn't have to mean artistically creative; it can mean creative thinking or creative problem solving - but if possible we'd like to let the space to folks who are doing something that makes sense under the Semitone umbrella. Does this sound like you? Write us at and tell us a little bit about yourself.