Live music with Beate Kilian-Engelfried and Barry Eaton

Beate Kilian-Engelfried

On Friday 31 May at 8 pm the featured artists at the Semitone Studios live music will be Beate Kilian-Engelfried and Barry Eaton coming for a welcome return visit. Following their set we will as usual have an open mic.

Beate is a married mother of three. Her original profession was porcelain decor design, handpainting and mixed media and she now works in the catholic church as a housekeeper and custodian/verger. For a decade - as a beloved free time activity - she was into music collaborations and producing her own music and/or singing/songwriting. Her favourite musician, with whom she feels honoured to work via the internet, is Barry Eaton, a local musician, who is - among other instruments - a great guitarist. Beate is not a professional musician or singer, but enjoys creating her own original songs, lyrics and instrumentals.

Beate on YouTube

All welcome.

Admission free but contributions towards costs are welcome.

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