What is Semitone?

Semitone Studios is a combination coffee shop, music studio, and live music venue – with room for anyone who wants to be creative.

Semitone is the word musicians use to refer to a particular distance between two notes, the smallest distance generally used in Western music. Anything is possible, one tiny step at a time. Everyone has a semitone … what’s yours?

Semitone Studios is the home base for local musician Taylor Giacoma as well as several other musicians. We make music and we teach music. We currently offer lessons in voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, recorder, saxophone and clarinet - and hope to expand. We have recording facilities. And, last but not least, we are a live music venue hosting live music every Friday evening. If you are a musician, get in touch. If you want to be a musician, get in touch. Just get in touch.

Our coffee shop, actually coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cold drinks, is a community social space open from 2 to 10 each week day. Drinks are self-serve but the space is staffed in the afternoons up to 6. Anyone is welcome to come in and make use of our space. You can stare at your phone, make use of our wifi, even talk to others who are here. We have a jigsaw on the go at all times and lots of board games. Bring your own food if you like.