Live music with The Amity Saxophone Quartet

On Friday 15 December at 8 pm the featured artists at the Semitone Studios live music are The Amity Saxophone Quartet. Following their set we will as usual have an open mic.

The Amity Saxophone Quartet is based in Stockport, and has been playing together for about 15yrs. Their music ranges from the Renaissance to the present day, Classical to Jazz standards, including many pieces composed especially for them. You can expect a varied programme at Semitone, with music taken from all over the musical spectrum. Recent performances include Marple Arts Group, and various charity and private functions.

John Bowyer: Soprano
Melanie Oliver: Alto
Mike Dale: Tenor
Gordon Robson: Baritone

John Bowyer has played clarinet and saxophone in a Manchester based orchestra and both instruments in various wind bands and military bands. He also plays in a quartet and octet saxophone ensemble.

Melanie Oliver took up the saxophone, aged 30, having learnt piano and clarinet from age 8, and never looked back. She enjoys playing a variety of musical styles, in local Concert Bands, Jazz Groups, Swing Bands, and Church Music Teams, and has performed in a wide range of venues, from small pubs, small and large Churches, including the recently refurbished Gorton Monastery, up to and including Birmingham NEC, in front of a crowd of 13000 people. Melanie loves being part of the Amity Saxophone Quartet, and the wide and varied selection of music that they play.

Mike Dale is a Jazz/Classical saxophonist/flautist, playing mostly in the north west of England, but his playing has taken him as far afield as Germany. He plays in various ensembles, from duo upwards, including playing four concerts, in three different groups, at the 2017 Buxton Festival Fringe. Composing has always been his main driving force, and some of his chamber music can be found at

Gordon Robson plays various sizes of clarinet and saxophone in orchestra, wind band and big band, mostly in and around south Manchester and Stockport areas. He also enjoys chamber music including saxophone quartet and octet, and on clarinet with wind ensembles. Gordon gets involved in organising some of his groups - librarian, treasurer, etc. and writing arrangements for them. He enjoys all sorts of music and likes to take part in everything he can.

The Amity Saxophone Quartet on YouTube.

All welcome.

Admission free.

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