Live music with Chelytherium


On Friday 10 November at 8 pm the featured artist at the Semitone Studios live music will be Chelytherium, an ambient experimental drone guitarist. Following his set we will as usual have an open mic.

Craig Miller is a musician based in Preston, Lancashire, who has been creating ambient, experimental music under the name Chelytherium since 2012. The name means “turtle beast”, and also belongs to an ancient species of turtle - quite an apt pseudonym for the slow-moving, yet powerful sounds Craig creates.

What began as improvised artistic expression soon formed into more focused soundscapes, eventually culminating in several pieces which would make up the debut album, ‘Natural Light’. Self-released in June 2014, with artwork by A Shot In The Dark Photography, it features 5 tracks, all themed around the peacefulness and power of nature.

The songs have also been brought to a diverse range of venues, including Preston’s Harris Museum and Library, Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion, Brockholes Nature Reserve, Oxhey's Mill Studios art gallery, and The Ferret. When playing live, the music is recreated and expanded upon, often mixed with improvisational elements, making each event a unique experience.

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All welcome.

Admission free.

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